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Pravisree uses Blum’s hardware and fitting systems and electronic access control systems.

Hafele, an international company providing hardware and fitting systems and electronic locking systems, has a long and rich history that began in 1923. Today customers from 150 countries rely on Häfele’s expertise and performance.

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Hafele’s Kitchen Fittings include


Installing drawers instead of shuttered cabinets in spaces below the kitchen counter add convenience in accessibility and provide better ergonomics of working within the kitchen. Hafele brings to you its holistic range of drawer systems that make possible the installation of any application that you have in mind.

Our Drawer Systems include a special range of sophisticated drawer channels and box-sides by BLUM. BLUM’s Standard, Tandem and Movento drawer channels come with the inherent functionality that BLUM is known for, worldwide. The Box-side systems by BLUM under the TANDEMBOX series come with integrated BLUMOTION (soft closing system) and can be clubbed with the TIP-ON or SERVODRIVE mechanisms.  You can further choose from the three available programme lines under the TANDEMBOX series, namely TANDEMBOX plus (metal sides with round galleries), TANDEMBOX antaro (metal sides with rectangular galleries) or TANDEMBOX intivo (metal sides with a design element)

Corner Units

The most underestimated space in the kitchen is the corners. More often than not, we tend to waste the space available under the joints of the kitchen counter top assuming that not much can be done with it. As a matter of fact, corner spaces when utilized optimally can prove to be the most effective space allocations for storing pots and pans and other daily utility items.

Options for L-shaped Corners:

  • Space Corner units with SYNCHROMOTION by BLUM
  • Rigid Corner drawer by BLUM

Drawer Organizers

Organizing the kitchen successfully does one and only one thing: makes life simpler. When it comes to getting organized, it is the little things that can make all the difference. A muddle in the kitchen clutters not only the worktop but also your creativity. It is therefore desirable to have things out of the way. Easy accessibility and ergonomics are ensured with Pravisree’s range of sleek and elegant drawer organizers. These drawer organizers include elegant and high-value drawer inserts like cutlery trays, plate organizers, container holders, knife holders etc. Pravisree caters to the varied sensibilities of its customers with its wide range of drawer organizer designs. The drawer organizers can easily be customized with a combination of accessories.

Tall Units

Tall units are one of the best options for kitchen storage as they provide large amount of storage space. Tall units are used to facilitate the storage of bulky (non-refrigeration) food items.

Blum offers to you a special range of tall (or larder) units. They are specially designed to keep bulk quantities of food products in an organized way.

Blum Tall units provide following benefits:

  • Good storage space
  • Access from all the sides to storage items
  • Ergonomics in use
  • Availability of individual solutions.
  • Cabinet width options are available

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters are highly efficient door systems which can be used in numerous applications. Pravisree enhances contemporary kitchen designing with its German Roller Shutter System. These roller shutters simply spell elegance, shout functionality and can easily become the focal point of your kitchen. They leave your kitchen transformed and reward it with the luxury of space. The range ensures easy workability, smooth motion and unhindered access to the storage items while you work.

Lift Systems

Häfele has established itself as a pioneer in introducing futuristic technologies and systems that ensure convenience, ergonomics and easy accessibility. Häfele’s range of lift systems primarily consists of Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems (with the option of installing handle-less lids) and Duo / Duo forte Flap Fittings.

Blum AVENTOS Lift Systems – The trend of using handles to operate the traditional overhead cabinets with doors is now internationally a passé. Handle-less furniture has now become an established element of modern furniture design. Häfele brings to you a range of Blum AVENTOS lift systems that allow you the possibility of installing lids with or without handles. These lift systems open upwards away from your line of work thereby providing hinder-free movement within the kitchen along with excellent access to the cabinet interiors. The AVENTOS lift systems can be installed together with SERVO-DRIVE (the electrical motion support system) or TIP-ON (the mechanical opening support system) to achieve that much-desired handle-less application.

Blum AVENTOS Handle-less Stay Lifts offers you a range of manual and power operated lift up systems consisting of various types of opening styles depending on the availability height. These lift up systems are suitable for both left and right hand use and can be mounted on wooden door flaps and for door flaps with aluminium frame.


Blum’s range of Kitchen fittings offers you the flexibility of creating overhead cabinets with hinged doors that open sideways – the objective is to provide utmost convenience and ease-of-use within the individual requirements of the customer.

Our range of Kitchen hinges for cabinet fronts offers a magnitude of possibilities with varying opening angles that cater to every possible application. This range also includes special hinges that can be used for aluminium profiled doors or glass doors giving you the flexibility to design your cabinets with your individual style. For applications that require added convenience and true ergonomics, our range of soft-closing damper hinges provide for an ideal solution. Our range of furniture hinges offers you an exquisite range of BLUM hinges giving your cabinets the possibility of acquiring leading technologies like BLUMOTION (for smooth and silent self-closing doors) and TIP-ON (for handle-less cabinets that open-up at the slightest push from the hand).

Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Profiles cater to the contemporary vogue of minimalistic aesthetics. Häfele offers a wide range of Aluminium Profiles to assist you in enhancing the appearance of your kitchen cabinet doors. These profiles bestow the cabinet doors with a sleek elegant look.  They are made from high quality Aluminium that conforms to the highest standards of excellence. These state-of-the-art profiles augment user friendliness and are extremely easy to install. The Aluminium profiles exploit an individual’s sense of sophistication by proposing exciting design potentials and seamless installation.

Häfele’s Range of Aluminium profiles includes profiles suitable for both glass as well as wood paneling. The aluminum profiles are attached by strong steel connectors which ensure a long-term sturdy joint connection.

Kitchen Handles

The true functionality of any furniture is only realized after it is installed and adorned with the right hardware. Handles provide the operational functionality of opening shutters. When coupled with style and elegance, they also add the much needed aesthetic appeal to shutters – they ornament shutters by uplifting the overall appearance!

Häfele brings to you its holistic range of kitchen handles which offers a wealth of choice for all your shutters. This includes a host of new features and advantages. Häfele brings to you kitchen handles in unique shapes and designs. They are available in 3 materials: Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy and Aluminium to match up with any kitchen design.

Kitchen Accessories

Häfele brings to you an exciting range of kitchen accessories that offers effective utilization of space and is accompanied with world-class functionality.

Häfele’s range of kitchen accessories includes:

  • Plate holders to store and transport dishes while setting up a large table.
  • Spice holders which easily fit into narrow drawer cavities and can easily be placed on the work surface while cooking for easy access.
  • Knife holders which are safely stored in the drawer and yet always within a hand’s reach.
  • Wine glass holders where wine-glasses can be easily mounted under the kitchen cabinets with glass stems hung downward.

To complete this range, we also offer to you foil dispensers, dish racks , midway systems and counter top support.

Waste Bins

Taking into account that every aspect of the kitchen should give you optimal functionality, Hafele offers you the best options in managing your kitchen waste with effortless convenience.

Our range includes waste-bin concepts that allow you to segregate dry and wet waste with complete efficiency. We bring to you options in various waste-bin installations be it in the form of swing-out bins that are attached to the cabinet door or bins that settle snugly into under-sink drawers. Taking convenience to another level, we also offer you a very innovative waste bin concept that fits into your kitchen work-top for handy disposal of vegetable skins and cutting waste. As a range, we hold the potential to holistically meet all your waste management requirements offering you different bin capacities to meet the specific waste volumes that your kitchen generates.

Caesarstone Surfaces

Imagine a kitchen surface that not only splashes luxury into your kitchen but is also superior in adaptability and practicality – we present to you our range of quartz kitchen surfaces by Caesarstone that provide an individualistic edge to your kitchens.

A perfect surface is like the icing on the cake – it’s the final touch; your own personal signature. But finding what you exactly want isn’t easy. We get creative with our collection of unique quartz surfaces, creating more colours, styles and combinations than you can imagine; ensuring that you get exactly what you have in mind.

Caesarstone has pioneered the use of quartz – one of nature’s hardest and most abundant minerals. The unique mixture of ground quartz aggregates, pigments and polymers prove to be components necessary to produce surfaces that last a lifetime.

These surfaces are developed with cutting-edge technology integrated with exceptional quality while keeping in mind the latest trends in colours and designs.