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Pravisree is proud to be associated with these brands



Pravisree uses Blum’s fitting solutions

About Blum

Blum is well known and valued as an innovative family-owned company that operates on an international scale. Their solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerising experience and deliver quality of motion and enhanced user convenience to the entire home – in particular to kitchens.

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Geared towards kitchen users

Blum’s products and services are used all over the world. Their objective is to provide benefits. For furniture manufacturers, furniture buyers, fitters and end users.

Quality & innovation

Blum’s lift, hinge and runner systems and four different motion technologies bring enhanced user convenience to the entire home. In addition, Blum support their customers and partners with easy-to-use services.

AVENTOS  Wall Cabinet For Easy Access

The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet

AVENTOS wall cabinets provide quick and easy access to glasses and dinnerware. The front lifts up parallel to the cabinet, giving you clear visibility of contents. And clean glasses can be swiftly cleared away if your dishwasher is close by.


Freedom of movement

Fronts equipped with the AVENTOS lift up system lift up parallel to the cabinet and out of your way. No hitting your head on cabinet doors and easy access to the glass you’re looking for.

SPACE CORNER cabinet for provisions

Easy access to corner space

The SPACE CORNER cabinet puts corner space to optimal use, creating ample storage space for provisions. The spacious drawers give you easy access to packs of pasta, flour and tins. What’s more, you don’t have to bend down to get to things. 

All advantages at a glance

Optimal use of corner storage space for provisions

Practical full extensions give you easy access to contents

High load bearing capacity of up to 65 kg per pull-out

Soft and effortless closing with BLUMOTION

SPACE TOWER larder unit


A real storage space wonder

The SPACE TOWER larder unit boasts easy access and ample storage space for provisions. It can be tailored to your needs to suit your personal buying and cooking habits. In other words, the SPACE TOWER larder unit makes everyday kitchen use easier.


Easy access from three sides

Full extensions can be opened individually, giving you easy access to contents from all three sides.


Ample space for provisions of all kinds

Pull-outs with high, closed side panels provide plenty of storage space. Each pull-out can take loads of up to 70 kg.

  Quality and Testing

Quality & innovation

Guaranteed for the lifetime of your furniture

The function and quality of our products are designed to inspire users. In addition, we attach great importance to top quality services and top quality collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers.



On the basis of the insights gained from field surveys, we have developed our own testing regulations. Our products are subjected to extensive motion and load tests in our testing rooms. 




Pravisree uses Quantra's Quartz for counter tops.

About quantra

Quantra uses the world's finest natural quartz, a key raw material delivered to their precise specifications. Quantra is a 25-year-old company with an ISO 9001 Certification. Quantra is India's only engineered stone factory based exclusively on the patented technology of Breton SpA of Italy. 

Quantra  Designs

Brown Leaf 2456 

Classic Ivory 6589  

 Loire 5513    

 New Carrara 1673  

Acevedo 7525 

 Agnola 7111

 Antonio 7700 

BiancoVenatino 7447

Crivelli 7677  

Masaccio 7500  

 Arnolfini 7293  

Sansovino 7444


Quantra Counter top used in pravisree













Pravisree Recommends  the following Appliances

Single oven with fullSteam



Shorten your cooking time thanks to fast preheat. Control your oven from anywhere with Home Connect.

Wall mounted chimney hoods add style and sophistication to the kitchen and give you complete freedom in your kitchen planning.



  • An impressive extraction rate of 700 m3/h ensures this hood will have your kitchen odour free in no time.
  • Halogen lighting provides energy efficient and bright lighting of the hob area.
  • Intensive speed setting with revert gives a quick intensive 5 min. burst to clear strong odours and then reverts back to the normal setting.

ASKO HG1365GD Domino Cooktop



It used to be difficult to emulate Asian-style cooking in the home kitchen. That’s all changed thanks to ASKO Pro Series appliances that include the 33cm Domino Volcano Gas Cooktop. Outmoded ovens and cooktops are a throwback to times before multicultural Australia, and today’s progressive kitchen products and appliances are equipped to handle cuisine and menu options from around the world. The Volcano Gas Cooktop is an eye-catching feature in any kitchen, providing intense, targeted flame to capture the succulent essence of the best wok-style cooking.

The ASKO HG1365GD Domino Cooktop is a standout performer in small spaces and the finishing touch for large kitchens requiring diverse cooking applications. Gas remains a favourite cooking fuel in Australian kitchens, burning with a clean and intense flame that is easily targeted, while the option to combine ASKO appliances for multi-functionality makes gas an adaptable counterpart in most kitchen configurations. The Domino Volcano Gas Cooktop introduces fast, easy and healthy meal options into the home kitchen, winning lots of new fans along the way.